The request
Palamidis family has been producing high quality cookware that have been on the market for years. Although their sales rate was high, awareness of the PAL brand was very low.
The insight
Since PAL Cookware are available in almost all major Greek super markets, it is highly likely that many people own a PAL but have never noticed the brand.
The campaign
Step 1: A well known actress and presenter became the star of our campaign: Doretta Papadimitriou

She has lost all her PAL cookware and believes that her friends have kept them. She calls everyone and asks if they have a green pot or a red cake pan from PAL. People say that they have PAL cookware but it’s their own. In the end, the consumers are invited to register their PALs so that Doretta doesn’t frame them!

Step 2: Spread the campaign

Besides the 4 basic campaign videos, we asked radio producers, famous vloggers and influencers and other people to “play” and to claim that Doreta has called them about their PALs!

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