Playlist - Philips | Floorcare Yoga

The request

Our client Philips wished to increase awareness of its floor care products, especially the Bag-less line, through digital activations. The activations were requested to involve influencers in order to create buzz and word of mouth.

The insight

Our lives have changed dramatically since the lockdown. We spend more time at home and we make sure to keep it clean, as cleanliness is now crucial to our health. During the same time, another megatrend appeared; fitness at home. Can these two trends come together for the benefit of our products?

The idea

Yes, they can! Home care and wellbeing come together and a new trend is born; Philips floor care yoga! Yoga is one of the fitness activities people turned to during the lockdown. It requires a clean floor, since it is practiced on a mat. We thought of drawing inspiration from yoga asanas to introduce product features in a fun and creative way!

The campaign

Philips vacuum cleaners and yogini & influencer Sophie Paschali join forces to create a new trend not only in cleanliness, but also in fitness; Philips Floor care Yoga! Through a facebook app, our hostess presents yoga asanas that can be combined with vacuuming the floor! Three videos were created; “asana bagless”, “silent performer meditation” and “ecarf chakra”. In all three, the personal trainer presents the product features while performing yoga asanas on her mat. Fans are invited to vote for their favorite Floor care yoga asana to enter a draw and win a vacuum cleaner of their choice. A CTA video also ran in social media to introduce the activation and call people out to enter the draw. Our influencer promoted the contest and videos in her social media. Six additional micro-influencers were mobilized to promote our campaign by making their own floor care yoga asana suggestions.

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