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The days of quarantine started early to look like kitchen days! People started again not only cooking, but also to trying-out new recipes constantly and sharing their creations. At the same time, the limitations imposed by the lock-down in the market made cooking a daily challenge. This trend was evident early on and inspired us to create a unique communications campaign using the cooking pots & pans of PaL Cookware. Our campaign was titled “Karantina Recipes” and as the main protagonist the well-known and beloved Chef for the Greek public, Gogo Delogianni. We created a series of videos posted on Pal’s pages in Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, in which Gogo using PaL Cookware and a lot of humor presented recipes based on simple ingredients which we all have in our homes. Each video was a call to action to participate in a contest, asking the audience to share with PaL what type of ingredients they have available in their homes to win the corresponding recipe created for them by Gogo Delogianni and of course brand new PaL Cookware!

Highlighting with this creative idea alternative ways to use food-materials, we were able to speak to the heart of our audience that needed real “Quarantine Recipes” and at the same time achieved to increase PaL’s awareness, as its cookware can easily be found in supermarkets and selected online stores (e-shops).

JNLeoussis+ is next to its customers and consumers, and deals with this critical situation with the outmost respect and necessary tenderness, and of course with a dose of humor! That’s why this particular communication campaign gave us the opportunity to create an authentic “engagement recipe” with our client’s existing and prospective clients, responding to PaL’s request and fully respecting our state’s instructions.

Enjoy the full campaign and discover all quarantine recipes here

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