Playlist - Jumbo Snacks | Πανος Μουζουρακης

The request:
Jumbo snacks is a very successful Greek brand. The client needed a 360-communication plan that would build the brand values and increase sales.
The challenge:
Research shows that although the brand has high sales, it has low awareness.
The idea:
All our everyday amazing moments are Jumbo moments! When your team scores, or when you are on stage or when you kiss someone for the first time, all these moments give you a jumbo feeling of happiness. And every time you live a jumbo moment, a Jumbo Snack is born.

Step 1: Find a “jumbo” influencer and celebrity to present our message: “Every time you live a Jumbo moment, a Jumbo Snack is born!”
Panos Mouzourakis
Step 2: 1 main video for the Jumbo snacks brand

+4 smaller videos for specific products
Step 3: An engaging Facebook Page with jumbo content!
The result was remarkable!

Facebook page: 7.500 followers in less than 7 months.

Youtube Channel: 1,190,896 views and still counting…

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