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Frulite is a Greek brand of a refrigerated juice in a variety of flavors. Unlike its “buddies” in the fridge, Frulite is more of a fun drink, without healthy lifestyle claims and with a sweet refreshing taste. It’s a real fruits juice but it kind of stands out of its competitors and likes to “hang out” with more fun drinks like sodas…The request was to make Frulite more engaging and relatable to its core target group 15-25. It needed a more bold, interactive, fun and solid campaign.
3K participants

1. A rise on the healthy lifestyle trend means that people want to see fruits all fresh and “handpicked” ideally from a local farm. But Frulite’s identity is not that. So how do we present the fruits without stepping on the toes of other more “health oriented” choices?

2. The lack of a solid “ideology” that describes the brand and empowers our consumers and that has been subtly quoted in Frulite’s slogan: In life, you choose the flavor.”

Solution: We had to find a way to “squeeze out” the “juice” of what Frulite really is. Oops, spoiler! So literally this was what we actually said: Frulite believes that there are no boring moments, everything can be turned around if you squeeze the juice out of it. We created a platform of “squeezing reality” challenges. Our challenges varied from simple quizzes to an interactive double reality video and from city installations to AR mobile games!

Challenge 1: The Easter challenge. Fans were asked to answer a quiz after a simple online training and give the right answers in order to win gifts!

Challenge 2: Don’t you sometimes wish you could press a button and change reality? Well Frulite made it happen in an amazing double reality video that you could change by pressing the “squeeze it” button.

Challenge 3: Squeeze the city! We asked people what would they add to a bus station in order to make waiting more fan! And the answer was a real swing that was installed in central stations of Athens.

Challenge 4: The AR games! We designed a series of AR games that needed the Frulite packaging in order to be activated and turn boring hours into real fun hours!

Challenge 5: Squeeze style! We created an app to design your own Squeeze_it t-shirts with your own taglines!
The result was remarkable. An incredible rise in awareness, thousands of participants in the contests and happy Athenians swinging in bus stations!

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