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From the beginning of this quarantine period, we’ve noticed that people needed to stay connected, communicate, share stories and news, and also hear and learn positive thoughts and ideas, so as the experience of #MenoumeSpiti (#StayHome) would be as beautiful as it could. Everyone was looking to find ways to keep energy levels high during this new everyday reality. Based on this fact, we created for Elpedison a digital interactive online campaign with main message “We #StayHome but we don’t run out of energy”.

Specifically, we created two (2) online wall-contests that were published and run every week through Elpedison’s social-media pages, in Facebook and Instagram. As CTA we asked people to share their ideas on how they stay creative and keep a positive attitude while staying at home. How, in other words, we can #StayHome (#MenoumeSpiti) without running out of our own energy. People shared their ideas by leaving a comment under each post at Elpedison’s social-media pages, but also by creating their own Instagram stories, showing moments of playing, cooking, and pleasantly spending time at home, via photographs and videos, creating profiles full of energy and #elpedison. Every week we selected the best ideas proposed and we created videos dedicated to Elpedison’s followers as a thank you for sharing their moments with us! Also, one lucky participant every week, had the opportunity to win a special “energy prize” from free electricity for an entire year, or a gaming console to other energy gifts provided by Elpedison.
Enjoy the full project here

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