NEF-NEF Homeware SUMMER 2019

NEF-NEF homeware summer collection 2019

With more than 250 designs, new treatments creating amazingly smooth textures, special seams, the NEF-NEF homeware summer collection 2019 is a brand-new series of homeware that makes you want every single item!

Strikingly elegant and stylish, this fabulous Spring / Summer Collection 2019 by NEF-NEF Homeware captivates the international trends in fashion and design to create a full-scale collection that exudes comfort and style, bringing the spirit and colors of spring and summer in every room of the house. From the nostalgic dusty pastels, to the refreshing blue of the Mediterranean sea and sky, the color blocking of the boho prints, the new collection of NEF-NEF Homeware inspires the creation of a modern, timeless, classic, vintage space, where air floats and the slightly romantic breeze of colors and textures result in an extra stylish outcome – but above all it creates a beautiful and comfortable environment that you enjoy living in and sharing it with others.


The new Vintage series excites with its unique style, as it flirts with the new spring-summer fashion trends. With its elegant and retro character and its modern spirit, this series is characterized by dusty pastel colors, thin stripes, and pockets with special stitch seams and wooden buttons sewed on fabrics with stonewash dyes and garment-wash processing that create an extremely soft touch you don’t want to miss.

The launch of the successful Blue Collection, was last spring and immediately everyone loved it. This year was enriched with new designs depicted on sheets, throws, tufted cotton couvre-lit, home, and beach towels. Inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean, the raff-blue of the Aegean Sea and the aura of the Greek summer drift, this modern collection takes us on a journey through ethnic motifs, geometric patterns, and classical designs, “blending” the amazing blue sea to compose spaces that praise light, and create a true casual-chic Summer style.


Elements, the most elegant product series that has gained the appraisal of many as it impresses with its winter minimal lines and sophisticated character, this summer manages to captivate eyes creating a “lighter” version of itself. With its distinctive finish, it stands out with sheets and pockets made out of high-quality yarns, weaving 300 of satin threads for superb softness, as well as pearls of 300 threads for a cooler feeling. Blankets of 340g cotton are available in a modern color palette, while special long-fiber towels in truly “generous” dimensions, complete a product line that excels in quality, aesthetics, and luxury.

Also luxurious in texture and appearance, the Premium Collection‘s elegance is presented with new designs in spring hues in satin fabrics of 200-threads, enriched with king-size dimensions for ultimate comfort.

As a brilliant kaleidoscope, the Boho series, the new collection with bold design and explosive color combinations, conveys the colorful spirit of fashion into the decoration, creating places of intense character and point-of-view. But the surprises do not stop in the new series.

The Rooms

The livingroom space is refreshed and beautified with the Living Collection, as many new designs are added and designed to provide a total look and creative combinations: deco throws – lots of throws! – bind with cotton rugs, practical baskets, puffs, rares and different decorative pillows creating a relaxing environment.

The bathroom is transformed into a home-spa with very soft and absorbent towels with various new designs and colors, enriched with beautiful baskets and stylish accessories, curtains in 2 dimensions and a new monochrome series with special edging and double turban finishes for maximum softness!

The kitchen is transformed in a completely refreshed area, not only due to the new designs but also because of the fabrics that change the overall look-and-feel of the most vital living space of a home: cotton linen with new garment-wash treatments, cotton yarns with half-Panama weaves, minimal lines and digital prints fascinate with their unique style, creating a decoration “game” depending on… the menu and our mood.

In the children’s room, kids will be s thrilled to lay upon the new designs with the Disney characters, the Forever Friends, Snoopy and so much more! The kid’s bedroom collection includes digital prints and gentle pale colors. A new protagonist is added to the heroes, Dumbo the sweetest elephant, giving rise to stories full of fantasy and sweet dreams… The collection features a new minimal design line, with 180-thread pearls and fine soft fabrics, creating a serene atmosphere of tenderness.

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