The request

NEF-NEF HOMEWARE wanted to communicate its new spring-summer collection. The launch coincided with the end of the Covid lockdown.

The challenge

At the closing of the lockdown, people had spent more time at home than ever. Besides serving as a precious shelter, the home also became the playground for some serious work therapy; people started de-clattering, painting, fixing, caring and loving their home at maximum. This was a rare opportunity to inspire them to renew and refresh their home and make our brand part of the process.

The insight

As people spent enormous amounts of time at home, they probably had the chance to realize what they didn’t like, what needed improvement and what needed to go altogether. But how about inspiration? How about daydreaming? This is where we decided to step in. As people were ready to do the extra mile for their home, we would provide them with all the inspiration to do it right.

The campaign

We created an interactive digital platform where people can get inspired on how to renew their home and their mood, with just a click! Full of color, style and inspiration, the platform invites people to play around with different elements to create a moodboard for their home. One can select the colors and materials that dominate his or her home and match them with the linens and accessories from NEF-NEF’s new collection. A fun, playful and interactive way to explore the new collection… The end-product, a 100% personal and sharable moodboard that can actually serve both as an inspiration and guide for a real home remake and also an entry to a lucky-draw for NEF-NEF Homeware Products!

To promote our platform we created a CTA video that aired in YouTube and other social media. In addition, we launched an extensive influencer campaign with selected influencers who shared their moodboards and produced content for their followers; house touring and home renewing videos, featuring our selected products.



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