The TVC and content videos created to present the new NEF-NEF Homeware Autumn-Winter Collection 2020-21, feature new designs, wonderful colors, and warm, soft textures welcoming the season. Expressing the international trends in fashion and design, the new collection promises to make our home more welcoming and beautiful, providing all the inspiration to help us celebrate personality and style.

The dominant trend of this season is “Comfy + Cozy”, honoring comfort and warmth, without losing the element of luxury manifested in natural materials and soft fur. The colors of the earth are reflected in deep burgundy, brown, and beige, in a creative dialogue with “broken” whites and yellows. The green of the forest, refreshing and relaxing for the eye, emerges as a “King”, while the play of shades, from the brightest to the darkest, adds some extra spice. Velvet, corduroy, and ecological furs give character and contribute to the warm atmosphere while fringes, lace and light tassels bring out a laid-back, boho-chic mood.

The various collections are enriched with new designs, from the “Elements” collection that invests in the luxury of fabrics in an eclectic, minimal style suitable for every space in the house, to the timeless, elegant “Premium” collection in the bedroom, the casual-chic “Smart line” (with lots of florals this year) or the new “Flannel” with 100% cotton fabrics and flannel processing. Blankets and duvets complete the look and offer the necessary warmth, while monochrome sets allow a creative color combination.

In the living-room, throws, pillows, cushions, poufs and baskets add comfort and practicality. Black, gray, green, brown, beige, and burgundy tie in with natural comfort, geometric prints or natural patterns.

The final touch is provided by the exquisite scent of candles and aroma-sticks suitable for any space, filling the atmosphere with pleasant notes of oak moss and vanilla blossoms. Their new special packages make them a wonderful gift.

The kitchen is pleasantly renewed, while the table is set with tablecloths in earthy tones, but also runners and placemats for more casual dining décor.

In the bathroom, the new collection is all about soft textures and beautiful designs of exceptional elegance, offering a lot of choice in shades and colors to cover any taste and style.

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