“Jumbo selfie, Jumbo trip”: The L.A. Contest

The trip to Los Angeles with Panos Mouzourakis

Our client, Ohonos Snack, was still running the campaign “Jumbo Snacks with Panos Mouzourakis”, we designed. when we saw an opportunity knock to further increase awareness and boost sales. At the time, many media were reporting that the campaign’s protagonist, had moved to Los Angeles to expand his career and follow his American dream.

So, we wanted to think of an idea that could turn this relocation into an asset for our campaign. And even “spice it up” a little. What we came up with, was a digital contest with a special prize. A trip to Los Angeles where one lucky contestant would meet and spend time with the favorite star Panos Mouzourakis! 

The contest “Jumbo selfie, Jumbo trip” came to life, calling people to take a selfie with their favorite Jumbo Snack. And upload it on our website in order to make it to the ballot for the trip! Our team promoted in social media with Facebook videos and YouTube In-stream and bumper ads. Reaching 1.5M people and making 8M total impressions.

Christos, the lucky fan who won the prize, brought along his brother and together they met the favorite actor. During this trip, they visited the spectacular Universal Studios. They strolled around the famous Venice Beach. They toured the historic Hollywood Blvd and had dinner at the magical Sunset Marquis. We documented their trip and made a video that we published on YouTube and Ohonos’ Facebook page, adding some extra thousand views to the overall impact of the mini-campaign.

Learn more about the full campaign that built the brand values and increased sales here: https://www.jnleoussis.com/series/jumbo-snacks-panos-mouzourakis/



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