HUA #denkratiemai campaign

The request

The Hellenic Urological Association (HUA) — Ελληνική Ουρολογική Εταιρεία/ΕΟΕ needed a way to raise awareness about a medical condition/syndrome called “Overactive Bladder Syndrome”, inform the general public about the symptoms and its many possible and risk-free treatments and support people that are dealing with this everyday.

The challenge

The Overactive Bladder Syndrome is considered to be a truly sensitive matter for many adults – in fact many younger men and women, due to the current professional sitting and anxious lifestyle, are suffering from OBS, or other bladder problems – and feel embarrassed to admit it, consider it to be a non-issue or a low-importance one, and try other methods of controlling it creating a permanent problem for themselves. A doctors visit cannot be delayed, as a urologist expert can examine and treat OBS and people are surprised to discover that there are things that can be done to ease their current situation. That is why, today more than ever before, we needed to make the OBS issue known to the public, and seek available treatments, after visiting the urologists.

The insight

In the Greek language the expression “I can’t hold it in” also means “I can’t wait”. Playing out with this double-meaning phrase pronounced “den kratiemai” became our bold and clear statement to communicate with people who suffer from OBS and make them hear our message and understand that their lack of bladder control is an issue that can be treated and should not hold them back from living a fully-functioning life; as long as they received the treatment they needed by a going to an urologists and getting their bladder checked.

The campaign

Step 1 > The website

Creating a designated website was the first step in collecting all the necessary information in one place so as to inform people about the existence of possible OBS treatments, but also about the statistics and myths around this syndrome that affects way more people than known and occurs from a younger age, especially for women.

Step 2 > The TVC spot

By using real testimonies of people who “can’t wait” we showed to the public that all kinds of people out there, just like them, want to go out, watch their favourite play, travel to desired destinations, and live life without having to deal with this problem that holds them back. Their testimonials were supported by a highly acclaimed, beautiful, and very respected Greek actress, Katerina Lehou, who looks straight at the camera and speaks out openly about this syndrome, inviting other people to reach out and seek help from doctors. The 360’’ communication campaign developed, was strengthened by including a well-known personality, who is both popular and highly regarded by the public to speak about this sensitive subject and make people reconsider their treatment choices.

Step 3 > The extras

Apart from a TV spot, the campaign was supported by radio-spot, and a digital campaign, with GDN banners, native articles published at well-known sites, magazines and periodicals, press releases, social media content, and informative events to help urologist-doctors assist and support their patients, lift their spirits, and allow them to reclaim their lives’ role upon controlling and treating effectively OBS.

The Campaign Results

The TVC alone, reached hundreds of thousands of people in need of advice and support (250 GRPs), while the digital campaigns collected 16M impressions and 2.5M Video Views, while the native articles reached 1.23M impressions and the printed articles, urologist’s interviews and news about OBS published, reached more than 300K people. Finally, the “” website was visited by 135K people in total (unique visitors), 164K times (sessions)



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