Dodoni Limited Edition Campaign

This summer, the Greek ice-cream company Dodoni introduced 2 new flavors: Yuzy Mango Yogurt and Tahini Superfood. Apparently, these 2 flavors were considered rather unusual, and it was unlikely that people would be willing to give them a shot and try them in Dodoni’s selling points.

So, this is what we did… instead of calling consumers to try the new flavors, we warned them that most probably THEY WON’T HAVE THE CHANCE TO TRY THEM AT ALL! We launched yuzu mango yogurt & tahini as limited edition flavors to trigger a dominant syndrome of our time; the Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). Only 6.000 scoops available for each flavor!

We created the “Dodoni Limited Edition” digital campaign and launched it with the tagline “Exw mparmpa sti Dodoni”; an adaptation of the famous Greek expression “Exw mparmpa stin Koroni”, meaning that someone has high-level connections. In order to find and ultimately taste these flavors, someone needed to have “mparmpa sti Dodoni”! Two famous actresses starred in the campaign, Maria Solomou, and Maria Konstandaki! Maria Solomou is desperately trying to find Dodoni’s Limited Edition flavors and she is accusing Maria Konstandaki of having “mparmpa sti Dodoni” as she is enjoying Yuzy Mango Yogurt and Tahini ice cream whenever she wants! The amusing rivalry is unfolding in their personal accounts on Instagram with posts and Instagram stories and in 2 campaign videos, we produced and ran in social media.

Several influencers were also recruited for the campaign, spreading the campaign and creating extra content in their social media accounts. In addition, Dodoni Limited Edition aired on radio and tv shows, using traditional media as well to maximize impact.

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