cutty sark – ftiakse cutty vol.1

A case study video presenting the first bartending competition we organised for Cutty Sark, in 5 greek cities during 2017!

The case of #ftiaxeCutty 2017

The request: Cutty Sark needed to build a new and stronger relationship with the bartending community and to find its place in the cocktail trend!

The insight: Greek bartenders are difficult to impress since Greek consumers are very sophisticated drinkers. But every contest or training offered by other brands is taking place mainly in Athens. Young talents from other cities rarely have the opportunity to participate.

The idea: 5 Greek cities hosted 5 bartending competitions named #ftiaxecutty (in Greek it reads like “make something with cutty”)! The finals were held in Athens after collected the best bartenders from SALONICA, HERAKLION, IOANNINA AND PATRAS!

Τhe mix of success:

  1. A CTA video featuring a popular Greek presenter Giorgos Lianos was created to invite bartenders to enter #ftiaxecutty!
  2. A digital platform was designed for bartenders to participate with their “recipes”: 1 with Cutty Sark and 1 with Cutty Sark Prohibition.
  3. A highly acclaimed judging committee was appointed and the all traveled all over Greece to evaluate new ideas!
  4. A final contest was organized, with host Giorgos Lianos asking finalists to create a new cocktail on the spot with a secret ingredient. The wider audience voted for this secret ingredient though the platform!
  5. The winner won a full month of training in one of London’s top bartending schools!

The results were amazing, the contest was featured in the press and the bartending community responded to Cutty Sark’s mixability with new amazing cocktails!

And we got a Gold Ermis Award for it!

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Our Social Media Awards - JNLeoussis+
Our Social Media Awards - JNLeoussis+

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