Chillbox – YOU ME chillbox

The case of YOU ME CHILLBOX campaign with Vangelis Kakouriotis.

The request: Chillbox is a beloved Greek frozen yogurt brand! Creating a digital contest that will further enhance the brand identity as a youthful and fun experience and leads people to chillbox shops!

The insight:

Chillbox young fans, love music and pop idols.

Introducing the campaign:

Step 1: Use an ideal influencer for our target group!

Vangelis Kakouriotis! The young pop star has his own fan club and a very strong social media presence!

Step 2: Create the ideal call to action content for each media platform.

Facebook and Youtube video/ Instagram stories/ Facebook posts

Step 3: The prize

5 dates in 5 different locations in Greece with Vangelis Kakouriotis in his favorite place, chillbox!

The results

Facebook & Instagram:

1,041,921 people Reached

4,944,682 Impressions

544,045 Video Views in total

560,466 Page Engagement


306,726 video views

46.08% percentage watched

36.83% video played to 100%

This weeks featured instagram

Our Social Media Awards - JNLeoussis+
Our Social Media Awards - JNLeoussis+

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