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Here to Play

Kotsovolos’ K-mers continue to enjoy our videos and they are HERE TO PLAY. Ilias Foundoulis came up with some fantastic finger strengthening...

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NBG Go4more

Fresh from the press! We are so excited to launch yet another campaign for National Bank of Greece! The full-scale campaign promotes NBG’s reward...

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ERMIS AWARDS 2020 - JNL Bronze Award


We still don’t know who took Doretta’s PaL from her kitchen. What we do know is that our campaign for PaL Cookware won the Bronze Award...

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Philips Ironing Battles

The request Our client, Philips, wished to promote its PerfectCare Elite Plus GC9682/80 and PerfectCare Elite GC9635/20 Ironing Systems to a younger...

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Le Monde Bootcamp Event

LE MONDE Bootcamp 2020

When you create something successful once, the feeling is sweet…! When it becomes an established educational opportunity and is repeated the...

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