Tsakiris Chips is one of the most innovative, fresh and interesting chips brand. It achieves that by constantly creating new flavors, shapes and types of chips.

Our task was to launch these new different flavors or types of chips in a consistent but always surprising way. We created one owned media platform that could be constantly adjusted to host 3 different product launches.


By moving from shared media to owned media we created a media platform that could be constantly adjusted to product launch need. Our aim was to make content sharable and thus transform owned media into “shared” media.

People co-created the next Tsakiris chips MISA-MISA flavor mix.

We created a mini site where people were invited to create their own new combination of MISA MISA (chips that are half one flavor and half another). They could choose from a variety of proposed flavors and make their own new MISA MISA combinations in our interactive platform.

They could also vote for their favorite combinations and promote their own suggestion in order to win a full box of the new most voted flavor.

We used social media influencers as our ambassadors.

To enhance the results and to make the process even more engaging, we selected, using a social media algorithm, some “ambassadors” of the campaign.

They were social media influencers with many friends on facebook or followers. These ambassadors received a box of the flavor they created and a usb stick with photographs and posts that they could use online to promote their flavor so that it could win the final competition!

Final voting – A live Phygital experience.

2 flavors where left to “battle” each other at the end and the final voting took place in a live event at The Mall.

Phase 2: Where’s the flavor?

After the first phase we were asked to launch yet another new flavor of MISA MISA that was already on its way to sales points. We changed our platform’s content and we uploaded funny videos of people discovering this new flavor in strange and surprising places and we asked people to tell us where they had seen this new flavor in order to win a box of it!

After watching our videos, they were inspired and filled our platform with surreal answers.

Phase 3: We created the Hipsters of potato chips, we created the Chipsters.


In this phase we were asked to launch a brand new product. Chips that had a different form, and they were unique in the Greek market. They had holes!!! The product name was TRYPATO.


Young people always want to discover new things. The latest trend is to create trends. And that is the job of a new breed, the hipsters. They are the ones that make alternative things trendy and usually abandon them when they become so trendy that they start being mainstream. This new breed is greatly discussed, analyzed, criticized and envied.

Phase 3: WTF? What’s the form?

3 animated characters that would represent those who always want something new, something cool and alternative, and they want to try it first, before it becomes mainstream. These three animated 3D characters were real potatoes that had the style and the tone of voice of hipsters.

They would use yolo, hashtags, selfies, moustaches and swags as regular hipsters do and they invited people to discover how the TRYPATO was created.

We promoted both the competition and the new TRYPATO flavor with youtube ads, facebook ads and promoted posts and web banners.

The campaign was so successful that the client decided to adopt the characters in every aspect of communication and not only online as it was originally planned.



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