Philips is the no1 selling company of steam irons. It has amazing technology that makes ironing easy and fast and unique selling points. The request was to create a digital campaign to engage with the audience and to maintain leadership in the market.

Philips remained No1 & increased sales

Retailers used the videos to explain features to buyers.


If it Philips irons were mobile phones talking about their features would have been an easy thing. If we were talking about its cooking devices, food recipes would have been enough to indulge consumers. But ironing, let’s face it, is boring. And tech features of steam irons are even more boring. So how do we talk about ironing and make it fun and interesting especially in the digital world?

The solution: It took a daring creative idea and a daring client to create The Steam Gurus. A mini site that hosted a series of videos with a famous stand-up comedian, Katerina Vrana, talking about ironing!

The first burst of the campaign presented types of people according to their relationship with ironing through the hilarious narration of Katerina Vrana. She talked about people who never iron as well as for busy moms that have to iron a lot, neat freaks that actually like it and lucky women who have men that do the ironing! The scripts were written in her tone of voice and features of Philips’ best steam iron PerfectCare Elite were presented in a humorous and fun way.

The second burst took ironing to the next level as we presented Katerina Vrana and 2 other stand-up comedians doing Ironing Battles. The final stage was to organize and document live Ironing Battles with real people and Katerina as the presenter of an event that took place in a really busy shopping village in Athens. This 360-approach concluded the campaign in the best possible way.

The result:

Philips remained no1 and increased sales
Thousands of people shared and watched the videos
Retailers used the videos to explain features to buyers.



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