Case Study DODONI

Our client, dodoni ice-cream, needed a new idea to promote its new limited-edition ice-cream flavors. According to the past, some of strange flavors didn’t achieve to attract their audience. As a result, you could find them only for one season. So, we had to find a creative idea to promote new flavors in order to be their best-selling products. We proposed to rename those new flavors as a limited edition. We had to spread the rumor that there were only 6.000 ice cream scoops in Greece in order to create the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) to dodoni’s customers.
We used the Greek pun “Mparmpa sti dodoni” as a “Mprampa sti dodoni and before the elections, we run our campaign with  the claiming that you will need a “mparmpa sti dodoni” to find the new limited-edition flavors before they run out. Based on this pun, the  well-known actresses Maria Solomou and Maria Konstandaki  starred in our campaign.
We produced two videos for Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. On the first video, Maria Solomou couldn’t find the limited edition flavors, and she accused her friend Maria Konstandaki of having a Mparmpa sti dodoni. On the second video, we had the “answer” to the rumor. Maria Konstandaki, caught on the camera with her uncle, giving her the precious new flavors, but she brings some of them to Solomou.
 Famous influencers and radio producers helped us to spread our campaign to the targeted audience. Radio producers mentioned with funny way our message to their radio shows, informing people that new flavors are going to run out. Meanwhile, we created a clash between the influencers based on the limited flavors through their Instagram posts and stories. Some of them couldn’t find the flavors and accused others that they had a “Mparmpa sti dodoni”.  

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Our Social Media Awards - JNLeoussis+
Our Social Media Awards - JNLeoussis+

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